Mind Force

The Mind Force Method a Full System, Not a Partial Solution

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

As You Start This Wonderful Journey and Begin to Experience the Value of These Tools, Please Consider These Areas of Your Life...

Quantum Qigong


Create massive amounts of Chi Energy and learn secrets of very powerful Chi Manipulation Methods

Hypnotic Influence


Discover the Power of Your Own Subconscious mind and how you can direct it for yourself and others...

Esoteric Mediation


Get to deep levels of focus and concentration as well as discover highly closed methods of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing and other unique abilities.

psychic abilities

Psychic Power


Gain clarity and understanding like never before as you meld the elements of your physical, mental and spiritual sides to create psychic significance...



Learn how as a CONTROLLER, you can attract and manifest to you the targets of your desire...



Your power to heal is directly related to how well you engage your mind, body, spirit connection for self and others.