Mind Force

7 Day Inception Protocol

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7 Day's to Set a Trajectory for Success

As You Start This Wonderful Journey and Begin to Experience the Value of These Tools, Please Consider These Areas of Your Life...

Quantum Qigong


Create massive amounts of Chi Energy and learn secrets of very powerful Chi Manipulation Methods

Hypnotic Influence


Discover the Power of Your Own Subconscious mind and how you can direct it for yourself and others...

Esoteric Mediation


Get to deep levels of focus and concentration as well as discover highly closed methods of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing and other unique abilities.

psychic abilities

Psychic Power


Gain clarity and understanding like never before as you meld the elements of your physical, mental and spiritual sides to create psychic significance...



Learn how as a CONTROLLER, you can attract and manifest to you the targets of your desire...



Your power to heal is directly related to how well you engage your mind, body, spirit connection for self and others.

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2 Chapters

Day #1-- The Vision

Get ready to learn how the Mind Force Method can work for you.

What is going to be your vision for the next 7 days as you learn some really cool stuff?


The Mind Force Manifesto 1 Lesson

(Video) The Mind Force Manifesto

Here's your valuable training on how to get results fast with The Mind Force Manifesto & 6 Powerful Laws of the Mind.

1 Chapter

Day #3-- The Road Map

Today you will be learning the Road Map to get you to where you want to go with Esoteric Training. Today's training will give you insights on how you can use these methods even if you never did our complete system...

However, you'll also see the value in why The Mind Force Method has been used successfully by thousands of people from all over the world.

The Mind Force Framework 1 Lesson

The Mind Force Framework for Astonishing Results

The Framework or 6 Pillars is the key to attaining amazing results with THE MIND FORCE METHOD OF HIGH PERFORMANCE ESOTERIC TRAINING.

3 Chapters

Day #4-- "Flight Time"-The Secret Triad Techniques, Exercies & Meditations of The System

Today you'll be given a small sampling of techniques, exercises and meditations to familiarize yourself with The Mind Force Method. This is just a view into the types of concepts, methods and tactics you'll learn in the more complete systems...

That being said, you could take the exercises prescribed and create a pretty good routine from these few concepts alone. This is the value of The Mind Force Method and why it works so well...

Mental Training (MIND FORCE) 1 Lesson

The Mental Game and Balloon Head Exercise

You might notice in this video the mention of a guided meditation. Since this video was pre-recorded and we felt the information was so powerful that we would add it here even without the aforementioned MP3. This MP3 and others are available with some of our complete systems.

Spiritual Training 1 Lesson

The Quest (ions) 1 Lesson

Online Workshop 1 Lesson