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How to Use Meditation to Gain Esoteric Skills

There normally comes a point in your life that you think life is too harsh. You want to escape reality even if just for a little while. Indeed, there is literally no one in this world who doesn’t seem to wish to be able to forget all the hustles and bustles in life even for a very short time.

Feeling so tired doing your daily activities, it makes a worthwhile reason to get rid of the negative vibes and voices in your head. One technique which some individuals apply is that of meditation to perform truly esoteric skills.

Meditation is believed to endow a particular kind of clarity of the mind as well as put the body into such a relaxing state. This means that the physical body loses its connection to the outside world.

But then again, learning how to properly meditate takes a long time. It is likened to learning the art of playing the piano. It is not learned via a single session. As a learner of meditation, it is required of you to devote enough time to learn the right techniques.

Oftentimes, the art of meditation is associated with a psychic ability. There are certainly people who are skilled in astral projection, remote viewing, and OBE or out of body experiences. These skills will never be carried out without the ample knowledge and technique to be applied.

There are a lot of techniques and kinds of meditation to perform truly esoteric skills. Among the most common include remote viewing, astral projection, and OBE. Let us see what each of them means.

Remote Viewing

This refers to the process of foreseeing or knowing what is actually happening in a different location right at the moment. It involves perceiving who are the people present in the place, what clothes they are wearing, and what they are talking about.

Out of Body Experience or OBE

This means traveling to another dimension by leaving the physical body. Practicing such can be really difficult and skepticism is not at all welcomed. There must be no factors that will block your entrance into a new world that is far different from yours.

There are techniques that need to be studied and the consistency in its practice is important to further program your mind into the act. More so, being calm plays an important role. Have the mindset that nothing or no one will harm you or else everything will stop. Soon enough, you will be taken back into the real world by any form of thought or sound.

Astral Projection

This term is also associated with OBE. It refers to the act of your consciousness that leaves your body and it exists into another plane which allows you to prove that you can do things which were once thought to be part of your limitations. This is said to only happen during the time of deep meditation and occurs mostly to people who are in deep crisis.

You see, there are varied ways of achieving meditation to perform truly esoteric skills. While some claim to be in these situations as they have the so-called near-death experiences, being able to manifest these actions more often than not require the adept skills.

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