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The 6 Pillars of The Mind Force Method

In this quick shoot Q&A video, I explain the 6 core pillars of the Mind Force Method.

My goal was to teach core principles that you can immediately use no matter what method of esoteric training you do. Concepts never change, but certain approaches work better than others.

You'll Discover Things Like...

Quantum Qigong

Build Up Massive Amounts of Physical Qi
Development of Yin/Yang Qi
Qi Manipulation Skills
Healing with Qi
Cultivating Health, Vitality & Internal Power

Hypnotic Influence

Self Hypnosis
Hypnotic Abundance Methods
Subliminal Messaging

Esoteric Meditation

Controlled Relaxation
Lucid Dreaming
Out of Body Experiences
Remote Viewing
Stillness or “Dead Body” Training

Psychic Abilities

Psychic Power
Psychic Perception
Psychic Intuition
Mind Reading (several levels)
Mind to Mind Communication
Super-Sensitivity & Awareness

Healing Methods

Energetic Healing
Physical Healing
Mental Healing
Spiritual Healing
Emotional Healing

Healing Methods

Building a Mind Machine
Attracting Health, Wealth, Relationships
How to Become “Lucky”
Creating the “Magneto” of Attraction

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