The Power of Chi Energy: You are an energy, higher than a matter!

The Power of Chi: You are an energy, higher than a matter!

Did you know? We are made up of various layers of energy, frequencies, and vibrations entitled for their specific purposes and functions. Amazingly, the human body is crafted with energy layers which support both its physical and spiritual aspects. It’s when those energies are aligned and worked in harmony that the body achieves its highest human existence. Let’s talk about one of the important energies in the body – the chi energy.

Chi, a Chinese term which means life force energy or life breath is believed to be circulating in different channels called “meridians” in body.  Once this energy is nurtured and learned properly, the body and soul will work in harmony and balance. This will assure optimum health and mental awareness.

Harnessing chi power- the life force that flows through all living things- can lead to a more amazing and mysterious energy.

How can that be possible?

To experience this, the body and the soul must work together as an integral part of a whole. Humans are soul with a body, and not just an element. In addition, we deemed the energy in us to have impact on what we do and what we suppose to achieve.

So, what limits us from achieving ultimate health and awareness? It’s the belief that those things around us make our capacity to be limited. We became so obsessed that the physical body is what makes the ‘whole’ us and the only thing to be cared ultimately.

It is said that experts know more of the human being than the being can know more of him or herself. But, science also confirms otherwise – that human being is capable of understanding him or herself, and can heal, support, inspire and lift others up.

You may hear about energy experts and their studies have been backed up by science. We, humans, are capable of understanding self for healing, inspiring, and supporting.

Ancient instructors have mentioned that the sustained awareness of self is eternal, will never get sick and will never perish. For instance, the “Primordial Energetics: Merging Wuji Gong and Qi Transmission is a way of transformation where the presence of peace and well-being is obtained.

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How to Use Chi Energy?

As previously mentioned, chi energy is inside us and is just waiting to be unleashed, nurtured and developed. Healing with chi energy for instance, requires an important attention. There are a lot to be considered: proper breathing, alignment, and opening the energy portals. Your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects must be all comprehended with each other.

Below are significant benefits of chi exercises:

  • Help increase in energy and vitality
  • Promote better quality of life till in old age
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Peaceful mind and a positive attitude
  • Deep feeling of spirituality
  • Balance in breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure

With the help of the proper chi energy training, the energy flow will be good and will promote optimum health.

Find the best chi instructor and you’ll be on your chi energy journey. Find out more information here.

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