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MOJO MONDAY: The Power of the Number 7

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The Number 7 Contains Power

The No.7 is regarded as a spiritual and mystical God force number. Some of its known significance are:

  1. The 7 harmonies in music - bases of all music
  2. The 7 primary colors - bases of all color combinations
  3. In Genesis, there are 7 day/cycles referred to
  4. 7 Heavens
  5. 7 Thrones
  6. 7 Seals
  7. 7 Churches
  8. 7 days’ march round the walls of Jericho
  9. 7 Generations from David to the birth of Christ
  10. Jesus bodied 7 stars representing 7 Angels
  11. In Revelation: 7 Spirits of God sent forth on Earth. Also represented by 7 Eyes of God, 7 burning lamps
  12. 7 Archangels of Revelation
  13. The magnetic influence of 7 creative planets which radiate through the th Earth led to 7 days of the week as well as Ezekiel said: 7 Angels of God revolve around Earth
  14. 7 Devas of Hindus’ Bible
  15. 7 Amschaspands of Persian Faith
  16. 7 Angels of Chaldeans
  17. 7 Sephiroth of the Hebrew Cabala
  18. Flowers that have not been crossed are said to have 7 outside petals. Buddha is seen to have chosen to sit in the centre of Lotus. Lotus is a flower which never crosses and hence never loses its individuality. It has 7 foundation petals always in evidence. It is the emblem of Buddha’s teachings. His religious teachings were that the creative work of the 7 planets led to the origin of all religions.
  19. Numerology:
    7 divides eternity i.e. zero (0)0)in numerology and gives no. 9


1,000,000/7=142857=1,000,000/7=142857=no.9 of numerology

1,000,000,000,000/7=1428571428571,000,000,000,000/7=142857142857(repetition of 142857) = no.9 of numerology

Do your research and find out why?

If you want to know the origins of this Click here to go to Wikipedia.

Tom asked, what is the significance of the number 7?

The answer is many...

From the 7 days of the week...

7 Primary Colors...

7 Deadly Sins...

7 Seas...

7 is a Primary Number...

Do your research and find out why?

If you want to know the origins of this Click here to go to Wikipedia.

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