MOJO MONDAY: Black Friday Preview - Mind Force Library

MOJO MONDAY: Black Friday Preview

Become a Controller of Your Life-- Now!

Black Friday is Coming...

And it's coming in Big...

Now is the time to make your commitment to achieve the secrets of "The Chosen Few".

I'll be laying it all out this week culminating in your best offer ever to get these astonishing techniques to work for you magnificently...

Secrets of The Chosen Few

Here is just some of the cool courses you'll have access to with this package.

Check out this system and see how these really cool concepts can be yours for the DISCOUNTED PRICE starting on Black Friday.

Check it out on Black Friday

I'll be adding more videos & training as the days go by until this special sale ends Tuesday December 1st

Here's the lineup to choose from Including but not limited to the following:

3 Day Intensive Training

Live Zoom calls that go into detail on the entire system. You get to interact as if we are live. All calls recorded for future reference. I could have this as the only thing with the amazing price you'll be able to take advantage of.

Deep Dive Call

I do FREE Calls every week, but when you do a deep dive call with me, we go deep, deep and you'll understand why my coaching and mentoring clients pay me $500/hr to get the results I get for them. Another way for you to get even more insights than ever.

Master System & Master Classes

The Master System contains all my courses, systems and Master Classes. See graphic below for all of the power you get for immediate access.

12 Months of Inner Circle Access

Twelve full months of the first year of training to become a Mind Force and Quantum Qigong Specialist. Since 2008 this online portal has delivered amazing results to thousands of people from all over the world. Now you can get advanced training on a monthly basis.

12 Months of Quantum Maximizer Access

Twelve full months of Deep Diving into your mind. This program was designed for those who want to take their "Yin" skills to the next level including but not limited to Astral Projection, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming and Third Eye Focusing methods. Truly amazing methods revealed.

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