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MOJO Monday: 3 Day Mind Force & Vital Energy Intensive Begins January 2021

(This is the workshop video training has been moved to Jan 2021

Are YOU One of  The Chosen Few? 

This workshop reveals some of the most authentic and legit techniques for you to have a breakthrough in your life.

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You'll feel the energy physically, mentally and maybe even spiritually...

I'll show you a technique that I usually only use with my coaching clients who pay me a minimum of $5,000 to learn these secrets.

Simple yet profoundly effective method with guaranteed results.


Yes if you are willing to put in the flight time daily.

The 3 Day Mind Force & Vital Qi Intensive

I will be conducting a 3 Day Intensive Mind Force and Vital Qi workshop coming this January 2021.

This event is not yet scheduled as I'm still deciding if it will be a live or virtual event.

I got emails that some people wanted to come do it live while others wanted the virtual.  A lot of people live outside of the US and this would be the most cost effective way.

In addition, you get access to all my training files contained in The Mind Force Master System and 60 days of FREE access to the Inner Circle.

Last time I did this class, it was for my private coaching clients in Charlotte, NC, and they paid me a minimum of $5,000 to learn this material.

Once it's recorded, the price will be going up to $1,000 or more.

This is hands on training that will cover an abundance of techniques from all 6 pillars of the Mind Force Method.

Any questions? Just contact my support desk, email me or even FB messenger for all of the details.

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