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Using Your Hypnotic Words, Thoughts and Emotions Effectively

We hear this all the time. What we do is the product of our thoughts. What we are is the product of our thoughts, words, actions and emotions involved. Because our mind is so powerful, it can even make each of us becomes a person who can do greater things as we expected. Let’s focus more on these three powerful factors in our life.

How to Use Your Hypnotic Words, Thoughts and Emotions Effectively


Imagine the world without words being spoken to communicate. There are gestures and sign languages being used to communicate with others. Still, it’s a great aspect to have words as one of the major resources in creating a better understanding. Words can be so powerful that it can transform ideas into great realization. In business, the words of a Director or company’s President, can build or destruct a business. Some words that are cruel can destroy friendship, relationship, and other things that are being established. On the other hand, soft words can solve even the biggest argument, or pamper even the heaviest emotions. Hypnotic words such as autosuggestions and subliminal suggestions, when used and applied in the most effective way can create massive results. Do you know that it is also easy to hypnotize someone even when sleeping? So, how to hypnotize someone effectively?

As for always, the best way is to get them relaxed first. Try to search online and you’ll find that people who are doing hypnosis sessions. They usually use words with soft and relaxing tone.


As I’ve stated before, our thoughts mostly created the actions that we do. Some people may even ask if it’s similar concept that thinking the thought, or projecting the thought into the words that you’re using even though the words that you’re using doesn’t mean same things as the thought itself. Well, some people can amazingly control themselves of not shouting angry words even though in their minds are the gnawing anger lingering their thoughts. So, how our thoughts can be powerful in generating colossal output?

How are thoughts collected?

Thoughts that are collected by our subconscious mind can be either negative or positive. Of course, negative thoughts must be avoided since they can disturb us in making our goals and plans to be effectively implemented. They can make someone lowers his/her self-esteem as well as the urge to keep on going or persevering achieving the goals. On the contrary, positive foods are like energy that fuel our body and mind to make everything possible. No difficult tasks are hard to accomplish and no big ideas are impossible to make real if you are optimistic. If you have absorbed and cached positive thoughts in your mind, your actions will be the result of these thoughts. So just imagine how far and big we can have at hand when we manage ourselves to have only positive thoughts in our mind. Hypnosis and hypnotic influence, as well as subliminal suggestions and autosuggestions are all helpful ways in enhancing and developing our thoughts.


Emotions are tagged to be the reasons why life become as colorful and meaningful as it is. They are so powerful that when you’re going to do hypnosis or hypnotically influence other people, you have to make sure that their emotions and the emotions that you’re transferring to them are both fitted to the situation.

When hypnosis is involved, creating the best feeling is one of the foundations if you want to effectively make someone under your influence. Make them feel good. Make them relaxed so as to create a clear mind to make it possible for them to accept what you want to implant on their subconscious mind whether it’s an affirmation, autosuggestion, or an NLP statement.

Powerful thoughts and words create positivity

Combining these powerful three build a meaningful underpinning to achieving goals and implementing plans. Powerful thoughts create powerful words and powerful emotions. Learn how to use them now and continue doing them everyday, and I’ll assure you, this year will be more productive and successful. Enjoy and take the chance of wisely handling every opportunity that will come in your way. For more information about how to use hypnotic words, thoughts and emotions powerfully, watch this video.

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