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FRIDAY FUEL UP: Coaching, Mentoring or Self Paced Learning. Which is Best?

Become a Controller of Your Life-- Now!

You Don't Need a Coach, You Want One When You Want to Take Action to The Next Level...

It's December and before you know it, the new year will be here...

Are you prepared to take on the new year "Like a Boss"?

Spend 28 minutes with me over the phone or zoom and get some clarity and focus for the new year.

No one "needs" a coach. They "want" one to take their life to the next level.
December is my yearly reflection of all I did great, all I did good and some that was not so great... 

I almost wrote at the end of that line-- my failures, but I changed it to "not so great".
We only fail when we give up...

Author Jim Collins said-- "The enemy of great is good". And he should know he wrote the book "GOOD TO GREAT".

Being great doesn't mean you don't have set backs or shortfalls, it means you are constantly thriving for the very best and if you don't hit the very best you know you went for it.

And the best way is to have a coach or mentor to guide you through.

The coach is someone who can look honestly and give you real time feedback.

Sometimes you hate the coach because they are exposing your weaknesses.

But the weaknesses are exposed to make you aware they are there and need to be worked on to get better.

One of my coaches said to me one time--"Al, you need to focus on one thing at a time and stop thinking that multi-tasking is working, because it doesn't".

My first response was, "This guy doesn't know what he's talking about, I'm great at multi-tasking"!

He's next question was--"If multi-tasking is working so well, how many of your current projects are on track to be completed on time"?

You see, I had a lot of balls in the air but nothing was getting completed. They were all around 75-80% done, which is not enough.

Once I started focusing on getting sh*% done, I became so much more productive and profitable...

And I paid him a considerable amount of money to point out something that should have been obvious but to me it wasn't.

That's just one breakthrough. I've had many others over the years, all due to someone I trusted to give me real and honest feedback to make me better.

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