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FRIDAY FUEL UP: Bold Transforming Every Day

Become a Controller of Your Life-- Now!

Bold Transformation Every Day

I recently talked about "The Revelation" and today I will share some about your "Bold Transformation".

A BOLD TRANSFORMATION is really alchemy at it's finest...

Transforming from one thing to another.

Can you really do that?

It's kind of like I teach the three levels of Transformation:

<---- The 3 Levels of Powerful Transformation--->
1. Solid-- Where you are right now
2. Liquid-- Getting your energy in a more pliable state
3. Gas-- The highest level of attainment

Of course to get to these states take time and effort or what I call--"FLIGHT TIME".

Most people will never leave the solid state because they will NEVER PUT IN THE FLIGHT TIME.

And most people never even begin the journey because they feel like they will never get there.

I'm here to tell you that you can get there if you are willing to invest some time and effort...


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Here's the thing, do I want your money?

No! I want your commitment to be one of the CHOSEN FEW!

I don't need your $300, but the $300 is a way for you to enter your commitment to excellence.

And the fact of the matter is I should be charging $3,000 because I know I would get people signing up and they would take it seriously because they have more skin in the game...

But, I only want you to do it, if you are going to do it... And I'll help you.

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Tis the season and all the stuff...

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A. Thomas Perhacs

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