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Erotic Hypnosis: A Technique for Pleasure

Have you ever wondered if you made someone feel good? You can be someone as good as chocolates. Most women treat chocolates as a good source of happiness. Almost every man worries if they treat a lady according to a woman wants and needs. Some wish to satisfy their woman like what a chocolate can do but they are still having a hard time. Did you know that another way to improve the romance between couples is through hypnosis? Find out how when you go through.

What is hypnosis?

People have been curious about hypnosis and how does it work. Some have been arguing about it for almost 200 years and such continues… Hypnosis is basically a state of human consciousness involving focus and peripheral awareness. The term may also be defined as an art, skill or role enactment that is why it is used mostly in movies and magical acts.

It is said that when we have the ability to do hypnosis, we can enter the human’s mind. We can use our thoughts and speech to send information to the human’s mind as hallucination or relaxation. Some clinics use this type of technique for treatments on physical and psychological problems.

What is Erotic hypnosis?

The term ‘erotic hypnosis’ is rotating around the internet for some random times but have you ever wonder what does erotic hypnosis mean? Erotic hypnosis is used by most couples to experience their ultimate orgasm.  It is a kind of meditation indented for relaxation. It also makes you highly vulnerable to the power of suggestion by putting you in an incredibly relaxed state. This is somehow similar to what traditional hypnotherapy does.

“Attract someone of the opposite sex by allowing them to get to know the real you, more quickly and with you controlling the circumstances”

A person will most likely to feel pleasure and sexy. When your mind is emptied from your stress in life, you will more likely to be active and wanted to do something that will give you pleasure. Your mental space need to be fulfilled.

How to do Erotic hypnosis?

Here are some beginner’s tips to develop erotic hypnosis skills:

  1. Practice some deep breathing. It helps you to clear your mind leaving more space for pleasurable activities.
  2. Have some dirty talks. Dirty talks can help to set up your moods and it is the most important element in erotic hypnosis.
  3. Have some meditations. Getting free from distractions before you jump in bed will add more spice to the next pleasurable scene.
  4. Focus on the sensation and not on the things you should do. Doing this will surely turn you both on. Thinking about your life problems and other concerns will lead to unhappy moments.

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