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Bonus #1- The Mindset Blueprint

Bonus #3- The Energy Mindset Connection Video

Bonus #4- The Vision Video

Bonus #5- The Strategy Video

Bonus #6- The Mindset Video

Bonus #7- The Skillset Video

Bonus #8- How to Master Chi Power in 3 Easy Steps

Bonus #9- The Chi Power Training & Resource Guide

Bonus #10- Ocean Surf Guided Meditation

Bonus #11- Videos From Workshop

These videos are designed to focus and motivate you to become the person you want and desire to be. You are an immaculate creation designed to greatness. I highly recommend you sign up for the AKIRA THE DON YouTube Channel as he produces some of the best motivational and inspirational videos.  Go here now to sign to AKIRA THE DON.

Bruce Lee- Be As Water My Friend

David Goggins- On The Other Side is Greatness!

Naval Ravikant- The Purpose of Wealth is Freedom

Joe Rogan- Be The Hero of Your Own Story

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