If You've Ever Wanted to Build Incredible Chi Energy, Scientifically Developed Mind Force Training & Tap Into Your Own Psychic Power, This Is For You...

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Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Qi Manipulation & Mind Force Methods

You Too Can Get These Amazing Concepts, Methods and Techniques to Work For You Like Thousands of Others From All Over The World Have With Our Proven System.

 Sifu Al Perhacs 



If you really want to know how to accelerate your progress you need the right combination of exercises and techniques coupled with the hidden knowledge of the exact sequences that make this type of training so profound. I will reveal for the first time (outside of my private mentoring students) the exact methods used to get extreme results in the fastest time possible.”

Sifu Al Perhacs (Author, Creator, Visionary behind THE MIND FORCE METHOD)

Here's What You're Getting

Here’s What You’re Getting: Access to the online version and live training of THE MIND FORCE QUANTUM QIGONG SEQUENCE MASTER CLASS & Advanced Chi Video. You’ll be privy to the ONLY training on the planet that will give you the skills that many masters went to their graves with...

In addition you get access to 

In 4 short weeks...As you log-in to your members’ area and follow along through each of the modules in this MASTER CLASS and attend the weekly live training with Sifu Al Perhacs you will...

Discover The Missing Pieces to Get Amazing Results

Training the mind and the energy body are very similar to training the physical body, you just have to know the correct way to do it. Many use antiquated methods that don't work as well as our scientific methods of training.

Discover The Hidden Methods All Experts Use

Energy training is scientific and you'll hear me say it over and over again. That means we use techniques that have been tested over time to create reliable results. Your energy body has a multifaceted structure to create, increase, store and emit energy. You'll learn exactly how to do it.

Learn "The Sequence" and "Base Routine" to Mind Force Quantum Qigong

In music, you have certain notes that equate the type of sound you get. In math you have a correct way to use numbers. In language, there is a certain sequence for every word. The English language has 24 letters, that create millions of words, put together in a certain sequence. You'll learn the core exercises that can serve you for a lifetime creating many different possibilities, techniques and exercises.

Discover The Core Concepts of How to Build Chi, Create Powerful Mind Force & Tap Into Your Psychic Self

You've always had chi...You've always been psychic, and you've always had an incredible amount of Mind Force. Unfortunately over time, if we don't use it, we lose it very slowly until we hardly recognize the power we once had as children. You'll learn how to re-awaken your body, mind and spirit and engage at an entirely new level of understanding.

Each Module Contains Profound Secrets...

4 Weekly Modules Plus Access to The Advanced Chi Video for Immediate Action

Action #1: The Advanced Chi Video

Week 1: video, audio, pdfs

Since 1997 this Quantum Qigong Advanced Routine has been one of the most sought after Qi training workouts of all time. Why is that? Because it will ramp up your Qi Energy like no other routine or method anywhere at any cost. In over 20 years, we've NEVER had someone do this routine for at least 90 days and not get some amazing results...

Module 1: Cultivating Vital Energy with The Triad Method Phase I

Week 1: video, audio, pdfs

The key of this training is understanding how all 3 pieces of the Triad Method tie together and how you can begin immediately to get the benefits.

Module 2: Building Up Massive Amounts of Qi with "The Sequence"

Week 1: video, audio, pdfs

You'll discover some nuances to qigong exercises that you've never known, even if you've been practicing for 20 years. This is the start of methods that drastically reduce the time it takes to build etheric energy.

Module 3: Creating High Voltage Mechanisms for Building Dynamic Qi

Week 1: video, audio, pdfs

Creating "Dynamic" Qi is a secret that only the very best practitioners even know about. This method allows you to always be in a building phase with your Qi to be able to use for manifestation, creation or healing.

Module 4: The Secret Software to Create Your Own High Powered Sequence

Week 1: video, audio, pdfs

Use technology to build your Mind Force and Qi Energy in a way that will allow you to grasp the concepts at an even more profound level-- THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!

                       About The Author

Sifu Al Perhacs has been training in the esoteric arts for over 20 years. He started out as a martial artist and quickly moved to the internal side of training. He has written over 20 different courses of study and currently has 5 best selling books.


He is the Author, Creator and Visionary behind the Mind Force Method.

He is also the first person to create an online training curriculum for the advancement of Mind Force and Quantum Qigong.

He is the author and curator of 5 best selling books including, The Chi Power Blueprint, Manipulation, Master Secrets of Hypnosis, Dim Mak Secrets, and Mind Force Secrets.


Is This Master Class Right for You?

This course is not for everybody...Let me explain.

Who This is For

Very simply, if you're tired of trying to find a system that actually works and you're willing to put in the flight time to get results, then this is probably exactly what you've been seeking.  Even if you have years of experience with Meditation, Reiki, Qigong, Yoga nad other energy practices, this training will provide a breakthrough for you. Our best students are those who train daily with these exercises and they get amazing results.

Who This is Not For

If you are looking for magic tricks and something that doesn't take some good old fashioned work, then this isn't for you. If you are lazy and just looking for some kind of secrets to fall in your lap, this isn't for you. If you think you can get good just by reading or watching videos, this is not for you. If you're not willing to put in the work and flight time, just forget this and LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW!

What People are Saying... Some Recent Emails I've Received (and these are just a few of them)


Living Life Without Worry and Wanting to Heal Those in Need.

Dear Al:Thank you so very much for making this training available. Over the last week (year actually) I have been facing some of the most difficult situations ever in my almost 50 years. Your training came right when I needed it most. I have become so much more centered and balanced, I hardly recognize myself. I love my new found confidence, strength, and calm. Next step for me is to start manifesting the life I know I am supposed to be living, instead of just taking what comes and dealing with it. I am strong, I can do anything I chose, I have everything I need to live the life I want without worry and with everything I need to help all of the hurting people I meet all of the time. I am a healer and those that need healing are drawn to me because of my energy I put out there. I am so grateful to live in a universe that sees me as a great conduit for its un-measurable power.Thank you Al, for being a teacher, one of the hardest assignments on earth. You are doing great! Keep it up!

Genie W. 


Message: Awesome Sifu

 I eagerly anticipate gaining such knowledge as I awaken and travel the course to spiritual enlightenment and elevation.

Kenssen T.


Reiki Practitioner Wanting More Enlightenment

Message: Hi sifuThank you for the information /I haven't seen the moveI practice Reiki energy /my dearest wish I want to be enlightened as some people in America and moreI have unlimited Passion//Love the humanity/ I work 40 years with patients I have seen many miracles of healingno medical explanation to it I love my job but now I am doing Energy healing//Mind Body Connection/it was happening in my practice but I Didn't understated that timethen I read alot about Health and Medicine I come to Mind Body Medicine//I was so surprising/ I say Wowo That I was doing without Knowing/i was GuidedI saw people are not interesting in energy healing although Is very important How can you help me?Thanks



Looking Forward to Mastering the Power Even More

Love your stuff! Looking forward to more. The training is more intense than I thought and so much more satisfying as well.

Jeremy D.

You'll Feel The Chi in 10 Days or Less.. 

I guarantee you'll see results and I back that up with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction. I know this system works as it has for thousands of people from all over the world. If you go through all of the exercises and find they don't work for you, I'll continue to work with you until you get them to work... Most of my clients see results in 10 days, which means they will start to feel the chi and recognize it in various parts of their body. I will show you exactly what you need to do to get magnificent results!

Sifu Al Perhacs

Fast Start Bonuses--Limited Time

The bonuses below are full training systems in their own right and are sold online every day in both digital and hard copy form. They are the basis for which the Phase I system is derived and will allow you to get up to ramped up with amazing speed. Please keep in mind that once the Master Class is fully launched these bonus items may not be available.


Bonus #1- The Chi Power Blueprint System ($67 Value)

This is the newest and most updated version of the best selling Chi Power Blueprint. For over 20 years, this has been showing people from all over the world how to do amazing techniques with Chi. Sells everyday for $67 or more, yours free for signing up for this Master Class!

Bonus #2- The Mind Portal Meditation System ($67 Value)

You'll learn how to properly meditate and use it for many unique types of esoteric and advanced methods such as Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Distance Healing and other wonderful meditations. Includes over 20 guided meditation and subliminal files to help you get deep into the Mind Portal. Sells Every day for $67, yours FREE for signing up for this Master Class!

Bonus #3- Internal Power Centers- Psychic Activation System ($67 Value)

You've always been psychic and still are today, you might just need to know how to re-awaken those skills to use. Being psychic is something you're born with, but over time can be eroded from lack of use. Internal Power Centers uses specific techniques to hone in on your own psychic abilities and talents and takes them to the next level. Sells Every day between $67-$129, yours FREE for signing up for this Master Class!

Bonus #4- The Mind Force Library ($67 Value)

This best selling set of esoteric training manuals has sold the world over to satisfied customers for more than 10 years. Originally only available with Sifu Perhacs's complete systems, they were published to reach a broader audience and give more people the chance to learn these amazing concepts, methods and techniques. Complete with all 11 esoteric training manuals and all video and audio bonus items. Sells every day for $67 digitally and $99 hard copy, yours FREE for signing up for this Master Class!

Bonus #5- Special Bonus- Group Coaching ($197 Value)

Sifu Perhacs has been offering group coaching and mentoring as part of his Private Coaching Program for years. Group coaching allows you to get your questions answered in a forum of your peers as well as getting inside from the Master Instructor. This option is extremely limited and is easley worth the cost of the course. Sifu Perhacs regularly charges $197 per month for this option, get it today as part of this offer!

Bonus #6- Super Bonus- 30 Minute Mentoring/Coaching with Sifu Perhacs ($150 Value) ?

* THIS IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 25 PEOPLE ONLY-- Sifu Perhacs has private mentoring and coaching clients that pay him $300 per hour. This bonus is very limited, but probably worth the entire cost of the Master Class. Go through the program, get the techniques working and then set up a time to speak with the guy who actually created the system. 30 minutes of Mentoring valued at $150, yours for FREE when you sign up for the Master Class. Once this option is sold out, it will not be available.

Start Today--Over $1,000 in Real World Value for only $497 or 3 Easy Payments of $197

The bonuses below are full training systems in their own right and are sold online every day in both digital and hard copy form. They are the basis for which the Phase I system is derived and will allow you to get up to ramped up with amazing speed. Please keep in mind that once the Master Class is fully launched these bonus items may not be available.

* Please note that this training system and it's bonuses can be removed at anytime without notice....

The Sequence Master Class & Advanced Chi Video System

One Time Investment of Only $497 or 3 Easy Payments of $197

Untitled Document I Want To Take Advantage Of Your Extremely Generous Offer For The Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Sequence Master Class & Advanced Chi Training Video System Now Before The Price Goes Up…

I fully understand I get everything promised and exactly what I need to start creating incredible energy and mind force power, and I’m ready to reserve my seat TODAY for the system immediately. I also understand and agree to all other Terms and Conditions detailed on this page including the 30 day Refund POLICY.

Order right now and get immediate download access to the amazing material...

Over $1,000 in Value.... Get Immediate Access For a Limited Time for Only One Payment of $497                                         

Order right now and get immediate download access to the amazing material...

 Over $1,000 in Value.... Get Immediate Access For a Limited Time for Only 3 Easy Payments of $197                                         

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

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