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OK, I Know $997 or Even $697 Is Still a Lot Of Money, so I Put Together a Special "Value Pack" of Some of My Top Esoteric Training Courses For You at a Deep Discount

These Phase One Systems Are Exactly What YOU Need to Energize--Magnetize & Hypnotize Like a Mind Force Specialist...

That’s Why I’m Offering Several of My Best Sellers, For Just One Single Payment Of $97 (Usually $776)!

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The Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Phase One System (Regularly $679)

The The Chi Power Blueprint System

The Advanced Chi Video

Internal Power Centers

The Matrix Manifestation System

The Manipulation Course

Ultimate Hypnotic Influence

Vital Qi Healing

The Complete Mind Force Library

Super Bonus:  14 Day FREE Trial to The Mind Force Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is the 12 Month Exclusive Membership to Become Certified as a Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Specialist. 

After the 14 Days, You will be rebilled at the discounted rate of only $47 unless you cancel prior to the 14 day trial. Regular Monthly Rate is $99 (Save $624).

Super Bonus:  

30 Minute Phone Consultation with Al Perhacs

Private Mentoring and Coaching Session

This is Valued at $250 as he usually charges $500/hour for mentoring and coaching calls. Go through the material and then speak to the author, creator and visionary behind the Mind Force Method and get a customized road map for your pathway to excellence.

Value: $250

The Phase One System Contains the Following Systems and Courses:

Chi Power Blueprint system– $97
Mind Force Library- All 13 Manuals- $97
Internal Power Centers– $97
Mind Portal– $97
Matrix Manifestation– $97
Manipulation Course– $97
Ultimate Hypnotic Influence– $97
Vital Qi Healing- $97

Total- $776

Total Value if Purchased Separately: $776

Important Notice: Programs Presented On This Page Are Not Available With The Same Inclusions At This Price Any Other Time.

I know I’m harping on this point, but it’s because I don’t want there to be any confusion so you don’t miss out.

I’ve received many emails from people a few days or even just hours after they’ve turned down this offer, begging me to make an exception and allow them to enroll - often at DOUBLE the price.

And as much as it has hurt, I’ve had to say no in order to be fair to the folks who DID take action.

YES, Al!, I DEFINITELY want to take advantage of this MASSIVE DISCOUNT... Please add The Phase One System  for just one-puny payment of $97! (I understand that the full retail value of these trainings is over $776+ $624 for a Total Savings of $1,400 and that my 88% discount will NEVER be offered again.)