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The Mind Force Library
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The Magneto Manual

This book contain everything you need to be able to achieve your Law of Attraction Training with confidence.

The Mind Portal Manual

The insider secrets to meditation, remote sensing, viewing and projecting (astral projection & remote viewing).

The Internal Power Centers Manual

Get a fast start to building up and mastering you own psychic energy and sensitivity.

The Chi Power Blueprint

The original Chi Power training document that has stood the test of time.

Chi Power Sample Workout

This customized workout will allow you to have a central focus of how you can train with this complete system.

Getting Started with the Chi Power Training System Document (Blood Washing & Bone Marrow Energy Packing)

Get a fast start to building up incredible chi energy with these training documents.

Chi Power Seminar

This seminar originally sold for $100. It contains more insights into how to use the blueprint for maximum effects.

The Chi Power Poster

One of the most totally unique posters ever made were available. Allows you to visualize your internal organs while you do the prescribed exercises.

The Manipulation Manual

This is the Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion and Hypnotic Influence that people have relied on for over 15 years.

The Manipulation Quick Reference Guide

Get off to a fast start with this quick reference guide.

The Manipulation Audio Tutorial

Audio tutorial that provides insights on how to get the most effective results at the quickest pace.

The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize

One of the most unique guides on ho to use hypnotic images.

The Hypnotic Influence Blueprint Audio MP3

Audio tutorial and how to get the most out of the manual.

The Hypnotic Abundance Affect

The secret code of how to create abundance using hypnotic influence methods.

The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize Audio File

Audio  training to be used with the manual.

The Closed Door Self Hypnosis Files Manual

Teaches several different methods of self hypnosis that you can use.This one manual it could be the only reference you need for your hypnotic influence skills

The Mind Force Manifesto

The 6 Powerful Laws of the Mind revealed. Other very potent methods included.

The Hypnotic Influence Blueprint

Hypnotic Influence Blueprints is the study of how to hypnotize others.
This one manual it could be the only reference you need for your hypnotic influence skills

The Closed Door Self Hypnosis Files Audio MP3

Audio tutorial and how to get the most out of the manual.

Dim Mak Power Striking Manual

Learn the double edge sword of pressure points for deadly "death point" striking.

Pressure Points Chart

Downloadable poster with all major pressure points for both healing and hurting.

Pressure Points for Healing

Learn the ancient art of acupressure on how to heal using your own hands.

Head Pressure Point Chart

Close up charts of pressure points for the head and neck.

Secrets of Self Defense

Common sense tactics of self defense and how to avoid violence.

Limited Time Fast Action Bonuses

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The Classic Collection of Books:

These books will add fuel to the fire of your learning

I've put together some great bonus items for you...These are not just some old rehashed items, but ones I knew you could use in your ability to become a "Controller". Now keep in mind that some of the bonuses are "Secret Bonuses" that only you will know about.

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Bonus Book #1 --Think & Grow Rich

What can I say other than this is one of the books that truly made a major impact on my success in life. This one, you will want to read over and over, because it has so much valuable information that is priceless!

 Value: Priceless

Bonus Book #2 --The Richest Man in Babylon

Here you have a guide to teach you how to handle your money properly. Told in a very easy to read narrative, this is another time-less classic you should not be without.

 Value: Priceless

Bonus Book #3 --The Science of Getting Rich

A common sense guide to put yourself on the road to riches. This books was written in 1910, but the concepts still work in the 21st Century.

 Value: Priceless

Bonus Book #4 --The Art of War

The Ultimate Strategy guide. Can be used for business or any areas of your life. Remember the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen? This was the book, Gordon Gecko (Douglas) suggested Bud (Sheen) read on how to become a major player in business.

 Value: Priceless

Super Bonus 3:  

30 Minute Phone Consultation with Al Perhacs

Private Mentoring and Coaching Session

This is Valued at $250 as he usually charges $500/hour for mentoring and coaching calls. Go through the material and then speak to the author, creator and visionary behind the Mind Force Method and get a customized road map for your pathway to excellence.

Value: $250

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