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Discover a Truly Transformational Experience:

Revealed... How to Master The Power of Esoteric Manifestation Abilities

...The True Insider Secrets to Manifesting More Health, Vitality, Wealth, Opportunities , Relationships, and Whatever Else Your Heart Desires...

Uncover The Very Same Methods that "Master Attractors" & " Mind Force Specialists" Use For Their Manifesting

Extremely Limited: This Special MASTER CLASS Will Be Shut Down After The First 25 Spots Are Taken...

You Too Can Get These Amazing Concepts, Methods and Techniques to Work For You Like Thousands of Others From All Over The World Have With Our Proven System.

Learn in Weeks What Has Taken Others Months or Years to Master...

If you really want to know how to accelerate your progress you need the right combination of exercises and techniques coupled with the hidden knowledge that make this type of training so profound. I will reveal for the first time (outside of my private mentoring students) the exact methods used to get extreme results in the fastest time possible.”

Sifu Al Perhacs (Author, Creator, Visionary behind THE MIND FORCE METHOD)

YES! – I’m ready to STOP missing out on the BIG results I deserve! I’m excited to find a system that will work for me. I Want To Take Advantage Of Your Extremely Generous Offer For THE MIND FORCE MANIFESTATION System Now Before The Price Goes Up…I fully understand I get everything promised and exactly what I need to start creating incredible FOCUS & POWER, and I’m ready to reserve my seat TODAY for the system immediately. I also understand and agree to all other Terms and Conditions detailed on this page.

Here's What You're Getting...

Here’s What You’re Getting: Access to the online version and live training of THE MIND FORCE MANIFESTATION 4-6 WEEK COACHING SYSTEM. You’ll be privy to the ONLY training on the planet that will give you the skills that many masters went to their graves with...

In only 4-6 short weeks...As you log-in to your members’ area and follow along through each of the modules in this MASTER CLASS and attend the weekly live training with Sifu Al Perhacs you will...

Astonishing Concepts, Methods & Techniques That Work Like The Midas Touch...

Discover The "Short Cuts' to All Essential Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation works best when you combine the 6 Powerful Laws of the Mind as a proven measurement tool. You'll hear me say it over and over again. That means we use techniques that have been tested over time to create reliable results. You can set up a manifestation system that works for you. You'll learn exactly how to do it.

Discover The "Hidden Methods' Only Revealed Here

With Mind Force, a lot of the training is "Hide in the Open" style. This means that many concepts that you would never even think about will work for you. In fact many of the concepts you may well be aware of, but it is how we structure them for ease of use that will cause an amazing transformation.

Discover The Integration of "The Triad" for Even More Powerful Manifestation 

You'll learn the three universal elements of "The Triad" and how they work together in all areas of your life. While most will teach you one way to manifest, we will uncover the "integrated way" to get spectacular and more reliable results faster.

Several Modalities to Learn From...

I'm going to give you several ways to learn the method. Some people like to read, while others like to learn from video and others enjoy audios.

The system is customized to your specific and favorite way to learn...

Weekly Q & A Webinars

Each week, you'll get to attend a live webinar with A. Thomas Perhacs and ask him any question you have regarding the process of Manifestation. This is your chance to get live feedback for any questions you have.

Email Coaching and Personal Access to A. Thomas Perhacs

Have a question you need answered personally? Just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Professionally Designed Software to Use with the System

You'll get access to a visual desktop software and the specific "boards" we use within the method. This element alone will allow you to grasp the concepts better and will give you the specific framework needed to be successful.

Each Module Contains Profound Secrets...

Why 4-6 Weeks?

I want you to get this to work in as quick a time as possible. I also want to customize it to your situation.

Since this is a live classroom setting, I feel 4 weeks should cover all the bases, but if we need more I've added 2 additional weeks...

Weekly Modules that will open up the entire Mind Force Manifestation system to you. Once you complete the class, no stone will be un-turned.

This will prepare you to face your future with renewed confidence and belief that you can manifest your dreams.

Module 1: The 6 Powerful Laws of The Mind and How to Maximize Them

This first module will be the lift off for the class. We will integrate what you've learned in "THE MIND FORCE MANIFESTO" and take it to a much deeper level. Once you truly embrace THE 6 LAWS, you are setting a trajectory for life-time success.

Module 2: The Hypnotic Abundance Affect and Control Factor Method 

In order to manifest with power, you must be able to take complete control over your mind when ever you need to. You will be amazed at how quickly you'll be able to influence your mind to start focusing and driving you towards your desires, and more importantly having them manifested before your eyes.

Module 3: The Magneto Method Revealed

You'll be given access to The Mind Force Attraction, Magneto Method system in the bonuses section. In this class, we'll go deeper than ever before on the techniques used in this ground-breaking method. Once you understand a knowledge of specific techniques your ideas on attracting the things you want in your life will never be the same.

Module 4: The Link Between Manifestation and Meditation- The Mind Portal Effect

There are many ways to tap into your subconscious mind and we will cover many of the most effective ways including using meditation as a control center and connector to even more powerful ways to manifest. 

Modules 5 & 6: Any Updates or Q & A Sessions as Needed.

These will be bonus modules as needed. This is where you can set the agenda and allow me to assist you with getting the system to work for you even better.

Is The Mind Force Manifestation Coaching System For You?

This course is not for everybody, you must be willing to commit to the training that will get the best results.


Very simply, if you're tired of trying to find a system that actually works and you're willing to put in the flight time to get results, then this is probably exactly what you've been seeking. Even if you have years of experience with Meditation, Manifestation, Law of Attraction and other esoteric practices, this training will provide a breakthrough for you. Our best students are those who train daily with these exercises and they get amazing results.


If you are looking for magic tricks and something that doesn't take some good old fashioned work, then this isn't for you. If you are lazy and just looking for some kind of secrets to fall in your lap, this isn't for you. If you think you can get good just by reading or watching videos, this is not for you. If you're not willing to put in the work and flight time, just forget this and LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

I guarantee you'll see results providing you follow the prescribed methods contained in this system. I know this system works as it has for thousands of people from all over the world. If you go through all of the exercises and find they don't work for you, I'll continue to work with you until you get them to work... Most of my clients see results quickly, which means they will start to begin the manifestation process. I will show you exactly what you need to do to get magnificent results!

Commitment: Your "Line in the Sand" for Success

WE PROTECT OUR MEMBERS. Once inside you will be privy to proprietary trade secrets and intellectual property that are immediately valuable and actionable, and there is no way to reclaim them. If people are stealing it, it hurts paying members, and

WE WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN. Giving refunds, after we’ve allowed people into the program, leaves us wide open to illegal use of our valuable material. It’s been too costly to pursue and prosecute, and frankly we just don’t want to spend our time that way.

MIND FORCE MANIFESTATION is a killer strategy and we want to encourage those who are willing to put some skin in the game. It takes a little work and we don’t want to bring people on board who are unwilling to implement…or not coming to the classes…then saying “Hey Al, this is work…it takes some thinking…and planning…and doing…give me my money back.” If you’re feeling unsure, go with the pay-as-you-play option. Consider our no refund policy as your “line-in-the-sand” that ensures you follow through and SUCCEED!

The Mind Force Manifestation Coaching System Special Edition Bonuses

The products below are the most ambitious bonus packages I've ever offered. Not only is the value in terms of dollars incredible, but your time. Just these bonuses alone are worth the entire cost of the Master Class (or more).

Bonus #1-- The Mind Force Master System    

This is my #1 selling product and if purchased separately, these courses and systems would sell for over $2,000.

For a limited time, I'm including this as a bonus.

Value: $2,000+

Bonus #2-- All Current Boot Camps & Master Classes   

My boot camps and master classes are advanced and the most expensive systems I offer. You will get the in-depth training that is not covered in some of the other systems.

The difference is  attention to detail and using specific examples from students to get amazing results.

* The 6 Week Immersion System is not included and has a value of $2,000

Value: $1,500

Bonus #3-- 90 Days Access to my Inner Circle   Membership ($201)   

The Inner Circle is the starting point of getting certified but more importantly is the first step on your Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Journey.

I usually offer either a 14 day or 30 trial, so this is the first time I'm allowing 90 days/ 3 months access to this curriculum.

You will be granted access after the Master Class is complete.

Value: $201

Super Bonus #4-- 2x 30 Minute Mentoring/Coaching Calls with Al Perhacs (Limited to first 10 people)  

Mr. Perhacs has private mentoring and coaching clients that pay him $300 per hour. This bonus is very limited, but probably worth the entire cost of the Master Class. Go through the program, get the techniques working and then set up a time to speak with the guy who actually created the system. 2x 30 minutes of Mentoring valued at $300, yours for FREE when you sign up for the Master Class. Once this option is sold out, it will not be available.

Value: $300

Watch the Short Video Below for Pricing Update

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Mind Force Manifestation

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    Professional Software ($300)
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    Boot Camps ($1,500)
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Mind Force Manifestation

Lite Version


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  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions ($300) 
  • Email Coaching ($500)
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    Professional Software ($300)

Total Value: $2,097 


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What our customers are saying:

All The Way From Germany...

"I just want to say thanks for these products...

It is like I've been waiting my whole life for these techniques and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm going to give it a try."



Gerti D. //  Germany

Looking Forward to Mastering the Power Even More.

Love your stuff! Looking forward to more. The training is more intense than I thought and so much more satisfying as well.

Jeremy D.

These Products Are Right On Target...

"As far as I am concerned your products are right on target and will surely help any one that takes the time and believes that they will work.  I know from what I have done thus far that it has definitely made a difference in my life."



Lucky K.  //  FL

This is a Great Value...

""Is this a good value? holy crap! this is a great value. it is amazing! it has already enhanced my life, perception, and intent. It has also made my xing yi, bagua, and tai chi a hell of allot more meaningful and powerful and it has only been 2 days! thank you so much I cant wait to purchase more of your products. thank you so much!"


your friend and student Joseph P., Ohio 

JOSEPH P. //  Ohio


In addition, you'll be able to apply these skill sets to other areas of your life in a really magnificent way.


Focus on Goals & Objectives

Manifestation is about getting your desires and understanding how to attain your goals and objectives.

Begin the Process of Spiritual Awareness

The manifestation process is as much spiritual as it is mental and physical. Watch your results soar once you understand this principle,


Integrate The Mind Body & Spirit

To be a pro at manifestation, you must learn how to integrate these three elements together masterfully. You'll learn how.

If you could...

What is it that you desire? If you could manifest that thing, what would it be? Think about it, and then act on my advice.

It's Probably More Than You Can Even Handle...

Get The Exact Blueprint That is Customized to Deliver Results...

Now, You Can Learn What Took Me Years, in Only Days, Weeks or Months...

It took me many years to not only learn how to do many of these things, but years to just to compile the information to make sure I was covering all the bases.

You can find highly detailed and complex courses on Manifestation and other topics, that will take you a long time just to understand the concepts, let alone get them to work for you......With this book and audios you are getting exactly what you need to get these concepts to work for you, and the best thing is that these methods have been used by thousands all over the world successfully...

With my new course, "The Mind Force Manifestation System", I show you the next level of techniques to use your energy with. The audios go into some of the areas most requested by our clients and customers around the world.

Sifu Al Perhacs has been training in the esoteric arts for over 20 years. He started out as a martial artist and quickly moved to the internal side of training. He has written over 20 different courses of study and currently has 5 best selling books.

He is the Author, Creator and Visionary behind the Mind Force Method.

He is also the first person to create an online training curriculum for the advancement of Mind Force and Quantum Qigong.

He is the author and curator of 5 best selling books including, The Chi Power Blueprint, Manipulation, Master Secrets of Hypnosis, Dim Mak Secrets, and Mind Force Secrets.

A. Thomas Perhacs  //  Author, Creator, Visionary

A. Thomas Perhacs

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