MFL-Webinar - Mind Force Library

Revealed for You! Watch This Video & Learn Some of the Exact Methods in The Mind Force Library

In this "walk through" of each manual, Al will demystify a lot of the concepts taught. You'll get a first hand look at each manual and some of the concepts taught in each. You will also learn some interesting tips and advice on how to best get this powerful information to work for you...

The Secrets of The Masters Revealed...

As you watch the replay, please understand my intent of this video is to show you what is in the Mind Force Library and how you can use it if this is something you're interested in. It is worth watching all the way until the end. I go through each manual answering a lot of questions I get on a regular basis. I actually open up each manual and read some of the techniques and concepts you can learn. Enjoy.

Your Host

A. Thomas "Al" Perhacs

The Author, Creator & Visionary behind The Mind Force Method of Esoteric Sciences