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Master The Power of Qi Energy, Hypnotic Influence, Psychic Power, Manifestation, Meditation & Other High Performance Esoteric Training Methods Without Leaving The Comfort of Your Home...

Secrets Revealed Through 13 High Performance Esoteric Manuscripts

If You're LIKE ME, you have hundreds (if not thousands) of books, courses and training on how to do unique esoteric skills...

And, if you're like I was, you still feel stuck...

Still feel like you're not quite a Jedi yet!

Well I can't teach you how to become a Jedi, because quite frankly there are no real Jedis (sorry to all you Star Wars Geeks), however I can introduce you to a skill set, a method that will allow you to acquire and hone (hundreds) of amazing and astonishing techniques that I've taught to thousands of people from all over the world...

Techniques and methods that will work for you...Guaranteed!

How can I guarantee that?

Because after over 20 years and thousands of students, I've only had a handful that couldn't get it to work. Most of the people who try this methods see results in as little as 10 days, and the rest see results within 30 days!

This is designed to transform your life...

Transform your life with new habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Now, that is POWER!

This Works for both Men and Women (even children) whether 10 years or 100 years old...

Thousands of men, women and even children have successfully trained with this method to achieve dramatic results to their energy and mind force. We provide customized solutions for all of our students and know that everyone comes to this with a different level of understanding and experience.

The key is not age, but a willingness to learn new skills that will take you to the next level of attainment. This takes an open mind to new ideas and release old habits to create new good ones. Once this is done, you can begin the process to becoming what we refer to as a "CONTROLLER".

The Big Problem Holding You Back...

Did you Know that most people who endeavor to learn these mystical and sometimes magical skills often times give up before they discover a method that will open up the doors to the kingdom of enlightenment to them finally for the first time?

Before I tell you what this is an how this can help you, let me tell you what this isn't... 

What This Isn't...

This isn't the same old methods used by gurus, who quite frankly don't have the skills to take you to the next level...

By the way, what is the next level-- Let me explain.

The Next Level of High Performance

You'll discover HIGH PERFORMANCE Esoteric Skills that have not been taught outside of my personal students and instructors. In fact many of my personal instructors to this day won't speak to me or even utter my name to their students because I've revealed these methods to others...

Many of these masters went to their grave thinking their secrets would not be revealed...

I made  a promise that if I could get to a high enough level, I would share these things with the world...It's kind of my way of giving back-- More on that later...

You'll Discover Things Like...

Quantum Qigong

  • check
    Build Up Massive Amounts of Physical Qi
  • check
    Development of Yin/Yang Qi
  • check
    Qi Manipulation Skills 
  • check
    Healing with Qi
  • check
    Cultivating Health, Vitality & Internal Power

Hypnotic Influence

  • check
  • check
    Self Hypnosis
  • check
    Hypnotic Abundance Methods
  • check
    Subliminal Messaging
  • check

Esoteric Meditations

  • check
    Controlled Relaxation
  • check
    Lucid Dreaming
  • check
    Out of Body Experiences
  • check
    Remote Viewing
  • check
    Stillness or “Dead Body” Training
psychic abilities

Psychic Power

  • check
    Psychic Perception
  • check
    Psychic Intuition
  • check
  • check
    Mind Reading (several levels)
  • check
    Mind to Mind Communication
  • check
  • check
    Super-Sensitivity & Awareness

Healing Methods

  • check
    Energetic Healing
  • check
    Physical Healing
  • check
    Mental Healing
  • check
    Spiritual Healing
  • check
    Emotional Healing
Law of Attraction | autosuggestions


  • check
    Building a Mind Machine
  • check
    Attracting Health, Wealth, Relationships
  • check
    How to Become “Lucky”
  • check
    Creating the “Magneto” of Attraction

At Last 15 High Performance Esoteric Training Manuals for Men and Women That Will Transform You into a Powerful Controller!

And it's probably the answer you've been searching for your entire life...

In fact, it was the answer I was seeking all those years ago, but didn't didn't even recognize it at the time...
You see, I started out as a hard core martial artist and the idea of internal energy, chi, qi or ki was considered light weight stuff for guys who couldn't fight...

I was a fighter, not the type of guy that wanted to sit and meditate waiting for the chi to arrive...That was until I met a man through the miracle of VHS tape that my mind was changed...And this was the start of a journey that I've been on for close to 25 years... (MORE ON THIS STORY)

It's Not Your Fault...

LIKE ME, you've probably been deceived by unscrupulous so called gurus offering you secrets but never delivering...

I've been there so many times, I've spent tens of thousands of dollars or more trying to find the hidden knowledge of the universe...

I've been disappointed so many times and so have many of the people who have trusted me to teach them have been ripped off by these low rent crooks...

One of my students called me excitedly because he was flying to meet with a guy who had a reputation as a world class healer, someone who was supposed to be able to heal with a touch.

My student paid $900 to go meet with this man, only to find out he was a total fraud. The "healer" asked my friend into his hotel room and while there, my friend noticed all kinds of medicine bottles in the room that belonged to the "healer" and his wife...

My friend asked him about them and he just said-- Just a little something for when the healing power is not as strong...


My friend got into an argument and demanded his money back. The man objected until my student, who was a martial artist made him an offer he couldn't refuse if he didn't give his $900 back.

Or the time I went to NYC to meet with a Japanese Grandmaster of Ki...

This guy was funny...

Throwing his students all over the room using his "ki". Funny how it didn't work on me.

I showed several of his students some Qi techniques and they were amazed-- Where did you learn that, they asked me?

So TRUST ME, you're not the only one who has been mislead, lied to and instructed a certain "secret technique" that didn't work and would never yield the fruits promised...

Crooks like this have been purposefully misrepresenting the truth to good folks like you and me for a long time...

These "gurus" and so called "masters" have been preying on a trusting public for years, and you've fell victim to their lies so they can make a profit...

The lies that these charlatans tell are so clever, SO convincing, that they fool the smartest of us, including me, I fell for all these lies for years...

Ayn Rand- "Atlas Shrugged"

“People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I’ve learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one’s reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one’s master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person’s view requires to be faked…The man who lies to the world, is the world’s slave from then on…There are no white lies, there is only the blackest of destruction, and a white lie is the blackest of all.”

Do NOT Buy Any Esoteric Training Unless It Meets The Following 6 Criteria

  • check
    Will the instructor take the time to mentor you or provide a system (Distilled Learning), so you can get the techniques to work for you?
  • check
    Does the instructor put more importance on lineage & credentials, than actually being able to use Mind Force or Internal Energy?
  • check
    If you put in the proper time, will you learn how to become proficient with the skills being taught? With our course you will.
  • check
    Does the course or instructor offer many different aspects of how to train based on the results you want?
  • check
    Does the course or instructor fully understand the possible side effects involved both mentally, physically and spiritually?
  • check
    Can the instructor actually perform at a high skill level or do they just talk about it?

Learn How to Become a Real Controller of Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Did you know that learning these types of awesome skills will ultimately help you to become a "Controller".

What is a Controller?

It's my term for someone who has developed a skill set that combines Mind Force, Quantum Qigong and other High Performance methods to a proficient level that they are more in control of their life than ever before...

This is significant, because most people are out of control in their lives...That's why they lack energy, vitality, health & many times have mental and emotional issues such as depression that litteraly freezes them from getting out of life what they truly desire...

Let me, help you to become a Controller by teaching you the methods I've taught men and women from all over the world...

Methods that work for anyone...

Willing to Put in the Flight Time...

Works For Anyone Who Puts in The Proper Flight Time

I call it flight time, but you might call it "Taking Action", "Putting in Reps" or even just studying and then implementing a set of techniques, concepts or exercises until you own it...

That's right-- OWN IT!

These techniques are not just mine, because when you start to become good at this, these skills will become yours because you have put in the proper amount of "Flight Time" to where the technique is second nature to you.

And that's why I'm confident that it works for anyone who is willing to put in the flight time and learn a series of exercises that will change the way you see yourself and others.

This system works so well because it comes with my special delivery system that will allow you to learn and grasp concepts much more easily and effectively than just reading a book or attending a seminar.

The reason this is so effective is because every single one of the concepts I will be teaching you, were built by me for me and my closest students...

That's right, these are the actual methods I've been using for years...

I've removed anything that doesn't work and only keep the things that work effectively...

Most of the people who create courses and system probably have never used them personally, but just write a book and package it with some good marketing to get you to buy it....

With this system, you're getting the real deal-- No fluff!

How Will You Feel When You're The Controller and Own Your Life Instead of Renting It?

Being in control is the greatest feeling in the world knowing you have the skills to face any situation be it Mental, Physical or even Spiritual...

That's what this does is prepare you for easily handling the obstacles in your life by not just surviving challenges and problems but by thriving through them because you know the secrets of control and power...

Control and Power are talked about but seldom are they taught in a way that is easily adaptable by anyone at anytime.

I call it...


And now you can have it... 

If you want it bad enough-- How bad do you want to be "THE BALLER", "THE SHOT CALLER", "THE CONTROLLER" of your life?

Most people walk around like they are renting their life-- F- That, now's the time for you to OWN YOUR OWN LIFE AND LIVE IT ON YOUR TERMS-- Because now you can, when You Are a Controller...

Introducing - The Mind Force Library with Inner Circle Activation System


Everything You Need to Energize-- Hypnotize & Magnetize with Power...

This system is even easier to follow than ever before because I've created 3 distinct High Performance Esoteric Training Collections for you to learn from. I've also packaged them together to same you money if you want the whole ENCHILADA!

Sifu A. Thomas (Al) Perhacs

Author, Creator, Visionary Behind The Mind Force Method

I've made it so simple for you to get the knowledge you need at a reasonable price for the amount of high quality and performance value you'll receive. There are (3) three collections that can be purchased separately or with the entire library.

Head Instructor/Director

The Secret Society of Mind Force & Quantum Qigong

The Mind Force Collection

The Mind Force Mindset Blueprint

Includes "The 6 Powerful Laws of the Mind" learnings. Powerful concepts to kick start your understanding of how your creative mind works.

After reading this manuscript you may naturally feel as if a door has opened up in your mind, an understanding if you will that can allow you to grasp the simplicity of these ideas and cause you to use them to your advantage.

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Mind Force Psychic Energy: Internal Power Centers

Your life will never be the same after reading this thought provoking guide on how to access "Your Psychic Self".

Internal Power Centers contains many techniques and methods that will allow you to start the recognition process of how your psychic mind, body, and spirit work together.

Simple sensitivity exercises to open up your body to receive psychic energy and then interpret it for your own use.

A truly amazing guide!

Take your psychic gifts and intuitions to a new level with this maximum packed manual of psychic training methods. This book is favored by those who want to hone their skills to a razors edge.

Includes many different techniques to develop psychic skills and power.

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Mind Force Meditation: The Mind Portal

Essential training for esoteric meditation skills. Easy to understand and apply. Learn basics of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Healing and other unique concepts

The Secret Mind Portal is the Mind Force Meditation manual that has been instructing people from all over the world with "Esoteric Meditation" methods.

Originally used a thesis for his Internal Kung Fu instructor, A. Thomas Perhacs created this from his notes taken from various master instructors.

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method

The Magneto Method will teach you some of the most highly regarded Law of Attraction techniques ever compiled…

Some have called this simple manual-- "The Law of Attraction on Steroids". Many techniques and concepts for immediate manifestation application.

Very simple techniques and concepts that will allow you to understand how to connect both physical and mental energy to manifest what you desire.


Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

The Hypnotic Collection

Manipulation: The Master Secret of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence

Taken from my personal notes,,,,

 I place this book as one of the best reference manuals on how to Influence and persuade with power…

Recently updated, this masterful work will give you the skills needed to take your hypnotic techniques to a new level…

This book has been sold for as much as $39.95 by itself, and I may even decide to remove it from the library because of it’s immense value…

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Special Limited Time Bonuses-- You Won't Find These Bonuses Anywhere Else But Here!

Limited Time Bonus Document-- Manipulation Quick Reference Guide

This special Quick Reference Guide will allow you access to special notes that A.Thomas Perhacs created after the publication of the book for his private mentoring students.

You will have at your fingertips the most comprehensive review guide on how to use Hypnotic Influence and Manipulation.

Value: $19.95

Limited Time Bonus Video-- Manipulation Video Guide

This special Quick Reference Videos Guide will allow you access to special notes that A.Thomas Perhacs created after the publication of the book for his private mentoring students.

You will have at your fingertips the most comprehensive review guide on how to use Hypnotic Influence and Manipulation.

Value: $29.95

Limited Time Bonus Audio-- Manipulation Reference  Audio Guide

Same content as the video so you can load it onto your favorite audio mp3 player and have access to it when ever you want. 

Value: $19.95

The Hypnotic Influence Blueprint

The Hypnotic Influence Blueprint is the study of how to hypnotize others. It covers all the bases from Rapid Inductions to Stage Hypnosis methods that are surefire methods of Hypnotic Influence and power.

This one manual it could be the only reference you need for your hypnotic influence skills.

Many books which cost twice as much as this or more contain less info than this dynamic study of Hypnosis.

Talk about power… The Hypnotic Influence Blueprint contains insights into every imaginable form of Hypnosis. 

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Special Limited Time Bonuses-- You Won't Find These Bonuses Anywhere Else But Here!

Bonus- Video & Audio File

This special Quick Reference Guide will allow you access to special notes that A.Thomas Perhacs created after the publication of the book for his private mentoring students.

You will have at your fingertips the most comprehensive review guide on how to use Hypnotic Influence and Manipulation.

Value: $49.95

Mind Force Closed Door Self Hypnosis Total Control Files

All hypnosis is SELF HYPNOSIS.

Learn many different methods of self hypnosis and controls.

Discover why affirmations and auto suggestions work if you know these specific guidelines.

Teaches several different methods of self hypnosis that you can use.

This one manual it could be the only reference you need for your hypnotic influence skills.

Many books which cost twice as much as this or more contain less info than this dynamic study of Hypnosis.

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Special Limited Time Bonuses-- You Won't Find These Bonuses Anywhere Else But Here!

Bonus- Video & Audio File

This special Quick Reference Guide will allow you access to special notes that A.Thomas Perhacs created after the publication of the book for his private mentoring students.

You will have at your fingertips the most comprehensive review guide on how to use Hypnotic Influence and Manipulation.

Value: $49.95

The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize

Are there secrets to the hypnotic spirals and designs that are so common today?

Do they actually contain an energy that can influence?

These and other questions are answered in this very thought provoking manual.

Some of the secrets include the integration of internal energy with hypnotic images and how you can use them to your benefit. 

Most hypnotists don't even know the methods contained in this book...

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Special Limited Time Bonuses-- You Won't Find These Bonuses Anywhere Else But Here!

Bonus- Audio File

This special Quick Reference Guide will allow you access to special notes that A.Thomas Perhacs created after the publication of the book for his private mentoring students.

You will have at your fingertips the most comprehensive review guide on how to use Hypnotic Influence and Manipulation.

Value: $29.95

The Hypnotic Abundance Affect

The Hypnotic Abundance Affect System contains the secrets you need to learn how to use hypnotic influence concepts to move your mind into an abundance frame...

This will allow you to tap into you subconscious mind at an even higher level than ever before.

These concepts can enable you to become an "Abundance Creation Specialist"

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

The Chi Power Collection

The Chi Power Blueprint: Secrets of the Chi Masters Volume 1

This is without a doubt one of the most unique training guides ever.

Learn how to externalize your chi energy with very simple, yet effective methods.

Over 15 different methods of how to use your chi energy. Very highly recommended and a best seller for years. 

You will learn in very concise and precise ways how to do some amazing techniques.

Using science and the understanding of physics,

you'll begin to understand the power of your own mind, body and spirit. 

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Special Limited Time Bonuses-- You Won't Find These Bonuses Anywhere Else But Here!

Value: $97

Limited Time Bonus - The Chi Power Blueprint Seminar

This seminar was done live for a group of students in our $97/month membership several years ago.

The only way you could have access to this information was to be a member and pay $97 per month until now...

This seminar will help you to better understand the concepts taught in the Chi Power Blueprint.

Limited Time Bonus Audio-- The 23 Most Asked Questions About The Chi Power Blueprint

We decided to gather up the top questions asked about The Chi Power Blueprint and distill these questions into the 23 most asked questions.

This bonus 2 hours+ is like having a personal mentoring call to answer any of your questions about The Chi Power Blueprint…

These questions are answered in 23 MP3 files that you can immediately download to get all of the information.

My personal opinion, is this is the best addition we’ve made to this training in years. This will cut down your time to get things to work and you’ll see the benefits and value of The Chi Power Blueprint much more clearly.


Value: $97

Dim Mak Secrets

Learn the ancient art of "Poison Hand" or Dim Mak.

These specific points can maim or heal with just a touch. Discover the most effectivel way to strike. ​

his is not for the weak and includes methods that could harm and even kill.

This is without a doubt one of the most unique training guides ever.

You will learn in very concise and precise ways how to do some amazing techniques.

Using science and the understanding of physics,

you'll begin to understand the power of your own mind, body and spirit.

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Special Limited Time Bonuses-- You Won't Find These Bonuses Anywhere Else But Here!

Bonus- Printable Hi-Res Posters

Because we believe in over-delivering to our customers, we have decided to include with this library, smaller versions of our three (3) pressure points and dim mak posters.

Now, these aren’t the full size wall posters that you receive with our Dim Mak System, but they are wonderful 8 1/2 X 11 full color charts you can use to pin point the location of the acupressure or dim mak points.

You will love them. You'll also receive a third chart not pictured.

Value: $29.95

Pressure Points: Acupressure Points for Healing

This intensive manual will show you many different concepts, methods and tactics to stay safe and know that if it comes down to it, you’ll have an arsenal of techniques and strategies to use.

This combined with the Dim Mak and Chi Power Blueprint gives you techniques to heal common ailments by using pressure points.

All you need to do is look on the pressure point charts included to erase pain immediately

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

The Secrets of Self Defense

This common sense guide is about violence and how to avoid it and also how to deal with it when you're in a tight spot.

Covers not only the physical but the important avoidance & mental strategies to stay alive in a serious situation.

The key to self defense is to not even put yourself in a vulnerable situation, but if you need to act, this manual shows you simple and effective methods for protection.

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

Coming Soon-- Our New Releases (Included and Delivered Once Published)

Chi Power Blueprint Volume 2-- The Dark Side of Qi

Every element has light and dark, yin and yang, positive and negative.

The dark side is all about control. It's about how to avoid those who want to control you and how you always maintain the upper hand.

Several years in the making, I struggled with whether I would release this information or not...

These secrets shall be revealed...

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

The Master Secrets of Quantum Qigong

This will cover the entire first year of training for the Mind Force Quantum Qigong system.

Will included information that you'll be able to immediately use to build your Qi energy up to an even higher level.

More details to come.

Price: $27 for Immediate Digital Download PDF Manuscript or Entire Collection for $47

See What Some of Our Customers Have to Say:

"Get The Library Now..."

"Don't waste another second of your time with methods, courses and systems that don't work and get access to THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY"

Lenka R.

Czech Republic

"Life Changing..."

"This is not just a library of books to read, but a library of techniques and concepts to be applied."



My Life's Work in 15 Volumes (and More to Come)

You're not just getting one resource, but you're getting access to all the secret methods I've uncovered over the last 20+ years at a cost of over one hundred thousand dollars...

I've traveled all over looking, researching and testing methods that I could then teach and now publish for you. It's a treasure trove of the best stuff I've learned...

It's the "No Holds Barred" of Esoteric Training, that's I why I call this HIGH PERFORMANCE ESOTERIC TRAINING, because you're getting the absolute best concepts, methods and techniques found anywhere and at any cost, PERIOD!

Many Instructors Have Gone to Their Graves Without Revealing What I've Learned...

It's been a collaborative effort with some of the top instructors, teachers, sages and even my own students to hone down a system that removes all the nonsense and keeps all the HIGH PERFORMANCE techniques in...

Many of the people I trained with are no longer around, as they've gone to their next plain of existence and I made a commitment to not let their highly guarded methods die with them.I know you're skeptical...

I was and still am when it comes to this kind of hard to find training.If you're LIKE ME, you are a researcher, a seeker for techniques or methods not readily found in common books and courses. And LIKE ME, you've seen the garbage in the market.

Don't Try This Alone...

For years, I tried to do this alone and it lead to frustration and even wondering if this was worth my time or for that matter real?

Was I chasing a rainbow that I'd never catch?

That was until I met the person who would change my life by introducing me to "The Internal Side". This one person taught me some really cool things and that lead me to look up other people...

So, now I had a road map of where I wanted to go, but now I had some traveling partners that could course correct me if I got off track...

And that's exactly what this will do for you, is give you a system to follow that works step by step making the journey that much easier.

And also allowing you to get really good, really fast...
Why wait for success, when you can have it quicker than you ever could imagine?

Warning: This is Not for Everyone...

Very simply, if you're tired of trying to find a system that actually works and you're willing to put in the flight time to get results, then this is probably exactly what you've been seeking. 

Even if you have years of experience with Hypnotic Influence, Chi Power, Meditation, Manifestation, Psychic Energy Law of Attraction and other esoteric practices, this training will provide a breakthrough for you.

Our best students are those who train daily with these exercises and they get amazing results.

If you are looking for magic tricks and something that doesn't take some good old fashioned work, then this isn't for you.

If you are lazy and just looking for some kind of secrets to fall in your lap, this isn't for you.

If you think you can get good just by reading or watching videos, this is not for you. If you're not willing to put in the work and flight time, just forget this and LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW!

Why You Should Take Action Today...

Each manual in the Mind Force Library sells for $27 each and that is a fantastic price because of all the solid information each manuscript contains...

Several of the books/manuals are published and have been selling online through Amazon and other online book sellers for $30 or more plus shipping....

You can order the 5 current hard copy books from Amazon and you'll pay $150 + shipping and you won't get any of the bonuses you see on this website...

Those books/manuals have been best sellers online since 2008. 

Every month I get royalty checks from my publisher from all of the book sales without me ever having to do anything. It's one of the benefits of being a published author...

Although the price right now is less than $100, I could raise it at anytime due to the fact that this is primarily a marketing test that you get to benefit from for a very limited time.

The other thing is my publisher could restrict me from offering these in digital format since I have them in hard copy...

I only plan to offer “THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY” to a small group of beta testers at the insanely low $97 price point plus the INNER CIRCLE 30 DAY ACTIVATION SYSTEM for only $100 . Why, because my real goal here is not to make money, it’s to make connections.

I will look to offer “THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY & INNER CIRCLE 30 DAY ACTIVATION SYSTEM” for $297+ once I have all the testimonials I need and find some joint venture partners who wish to promote this course themselves.

The good news for you as a beta tester is you will get to ask questions and offer feedback that will be used to shape the final version months before it hits the market.

Because of the rarity and value of the information inside “THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY” and because of the benefits and unfair advantage that it gives to my few clients that have it.

I must insist that you agree to full confidentiality and non-disclosure or the information.

This is NOT negotiable and you cannot access “THE MIND FORCE LIBRARY” at any price without agreeing to this one condition.

Why is it Only $97 for All This Power?

I really should be charging more and in fact I get emails everyday from someone asking me why I sell this kind of hard to find information so cheaply...

My Internal Power Centers manual used to sell for $100 by itself, so I definitely understand why people are asking that question.

You're probably thinking it yourself right now, right?

Why would he give $400 (each manual by themselves sell for $27 each) or more of value for less than $100?

Because the number one reason is this is a marketing test to see how many people not only access this training, but continue on to some of more advanced training courses and systems.

The  other reason is I don't want anyone to not be able to begin this training because of cost.

One hundred dollars is not a lot of money for most, but it does separate those interested from those that don't want to put in the flight time, and I'm all about flight time...

The last reason I've made it so affordable is because I have my coaching systems which cost $2,000 or more and I wanted something for those who want to test the waters before they jump into a $2,000 coaching or mentoring program like my 6 WEEK IMMERSION SYSTEM.

So take advantage of this special pricing while you still can because I could raise the price up at anytime.

Remember, You're Getting a Value That is 10X, No Make that 100X of Most Other Books or Course s Out There....

How about some simple math?

Each manual sells by itself for $27 and that means that if you had to pay for all of them individually, you'd pay $405 ($27 x15 manuals) plus the  $423.65 in bonuses I'm adding ...

That's right, I've already added $423.65 in additional training with audios, videos, documents, & hi-res posters.

So, for less than a Benjamin, I'm giving you over $800 in valuable esoteric training methods....

But, I want to make this a total "no brainer", so I'm going to up the ante even more my friend...

Limited Time Fast Action Bonuses

Super Bonus 1:  The Inner Circle 30 Day Distilled Learning Activation System: 

Super-Charged High Performance Learning Method

Al Perhacs has cracked the code of how to develop really cool skills with his "30 Day Distilled Learning Activation System".

Over the years these highly guarded secrets were distilled into a complete system of how to get these forbidden or hidden concepts, methods and techniques to work for the average person, quickly...

One of the coolest things he's taught people is how you can feel your own or someone else's chi energy in under 5 minutes...Not only that, but he will show you how you can do it even through a closed door!

I know pretty weird right?

Over the last 20+ years, Sifu Al Perhacs has trained thousands in the Art and Science of Mind Force & Quantum Qigong. He's the teachers teacher when it comes to these kind of closed door concepts.

He put the pieces together and discovered a method that systematically teaches how esoteric skills when combined in a specific pattern, can be developed in an accelerated fashion...

This "Distilled Learning System" allowed a novice to learn esoteric skills like Chi Power, Covert Persuasion, Hypnotic Influence & Psychic Energy in a way that exponentially cuts down on the time it takes to perfect the technique...

And now for a very limited time he is offering a complementary glimpse into his "Distilled Learning System".

Why would he do this?

Because he is beta-testing some new elements and needs your feedback. Once he fine tunes and tweaks it, he'll be charging hundreds of dollars for it.

Check out some of the most cutting edge concepts and advanced training you'll take away in this Very Limited Time Bonus training.

Weekly Online Workshops--Keeping Pace & Working Deep

Each week, a different core concept of the method will be covered and how you can use that method to use the systems and tools in The Mind Force Library. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate feedback on each lesson.

$99 Value

MP3 Audio Files --Instant Download for Everyday Use

After each week's session, you'll be able to download it in MP3 audio format to listen to on your favorite audio player. This will allow you to listen to all the concepts discussed in the weeks training for better mental assimilation.

$49 Value

PDF Documents of The Classes--Read Whenever You Need a Lift

You will also get access to documentation of the 6 week training system and any other bonuses that will be included. You can print them out as a reference or view as PDF files on your Kindle or Ipad.

$29 Value

Online Software --The Key to Keeping Focused & Going Deep

You will be provided access to an online software that details out all of the steps and allows you to track your progress on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The key to learning success is not the knowledge but the execution. When you put in the "flight time", you'll get amazing results that very few achieve...

$99 Value

This is​ One of my Most Ambitious Projects to Date...

When you order any of the collection you will get Access to the first 2 weeks/ 14 days of my totally new “Inner Circle High Performance Esoteric Training System”.

This 6 week live coaching program will show you exactly how you can use this method to accelerate your Mind Force skills day in and day out to effectively become a World Class Controller….

Since this is in beta, and not yet fully working and testing needed, I am allowing you Free 14 day access to the first 2 live sessions of this Boot Camp and then when you like what you are learning, you can continue at the Special preferred rate of only $39.97 for 2 payments (less than $10 per weekly training session).

When you purchase the full and complete Mind Force Library, I'm going to include the Full Inner Circle System absolutely for FREE and as part of the complete Mind Force Library Option.

And other very Cool Cutting Edge Stuff...

If you wish to cancel, just contact our support staff here before the 2 weeks is up and we will cancel your boot camp immediately..

(This Boot Camp Will Be Going Up to $197 once this beta version is complete)

You Pay Nothing Extra Today! After the 14 day/ 2 week trial, you’ll be billed 2 payments of $39.97 (my special new customer price) …

This FREE trial can and might be removed at any time, so know that you are among the first to learn this dynamic information.

The Inner Circle High Performance Esoteric Training System will Start with the First Workshop Immediately Upon Registering

Super Bonus 2:  The Classic Collection of Books:

These books will add fuel to the fire of your learning

I've put together some great bonus items for you...These are not just some old rehashed items, but ones I knew you could use in your ability to become a "Controller". Now keep in mind that some of the bonuses are "Secret Bonuses" that only you will know about.

My competition has been copying my stuff since 2001 and I want to make sure that some of it is only for my valued clients. Once you order, many of the bonuses will be right on the Thank You page, while others will be sent to you throughout your first week...

You are going to love them..

Now these bonuses, I can't sell to you, but I can offer them to you under "fair use" copyright law. These bonuses alone are worth the entire cost of this very special limited time promotion (just check, if you think I'm kidding).

Bonus Book #1 --Think & Grow Rich

What can I say other than this is one of the books that truly made a major impact on my success in life. This one, you will want to read over and over, because it has so much valuable information that is priceless!

 Value: Priceless

Bonus Book #2--The Richest Man In Babylon

Here you have a guide to teach you how to handle your money properly. Told in a very easy to read narrative, this is another time-less classic you should not be without.

Value: Priceless

Bonus Book #3--The Science of Getting Rich

A common sense guide to put yourself on the road to riches. This books was written in 1910, but the concepts still work in the 21st Century.

Value: Priceless

Bonus Book #3--The Art of War

The Ultimate Strategy guide. Can be used for business or any areas of your life. Remember the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen? This was the book, Gordon Gecko (Douglas) suggested Bud (Sheen) read on how to become a major player in business.

Value: Priceless

Super Bonus 3:  Online Workshop on How to Super-Charge Your Mind Force Skills

This Special "FREE" Training Session Could Change The Direction of Your Life...

And on this special Online Workshop I'm going to give you a glimpse into what it takes to get these esoteric principles to work like crazy... You see, I have so many cool techniques I share on the MIND FORCE FRAMEWORK,  techniques you can learn to master over a period of time...

One of those techniques is "SECRET MIND FOCUSING", which is a super secret technique designed to instantly change the power of your mind or how to inflict control over others...

This is powerful stuff...

I know You've never heard of the "SECRET MIND FOCUSING" technique, because it was taught it to less than 5 people, and now I'm are looking to open it up to those who qualify for My Complete INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM.
Are you getting excited yet?


SYSTEM, remember is something I'll talk a little bit about on the workshop and it will answer a lot of your questions and probably cause some new ones. Frankly, I'm getting a little worried because I think some of these methods are a little too powerful to teach...


Very bad news if it gets into the wrong hands...

And that's why I've always been so hush-hush about it... Plus, there's the fact that only a couple other people
in the world know it ...besides some of MIND FORCE Specialists and myself.
This means no matter where you look or how hard you look, you won't find these methods anywhere..


You could visit so-called Gurus or Masters all day long and not find one that will have the secrets you will be privy to...


And speaking of these So-Called Gurus or Masters, within a year or two, your overall MIND FORCE POWER will be more highly developed than 90% of the instructors out there...

Well, I decided to cave under the pressure A LITTLE BIT and share some of this stuff.

...But I won't be sharing it with my entire email list.

I may decide to do so at a later time, but for now, I'm going to let just a handful of people get a glimpse of it.


Once you attend and complete the entire SECRET TRIAD METHOD WORKSHOP, you will be qualified to get a glimpse into my INNER CIRCLE IMMERSION SYSTEM, which I promise is only for the best of the best...


Now these bonuses, I can't sell to you, but I can offer them to you under "fair use" copyright law. These bonuses alone are worth the entire cost of this very special limited time promotion (just check, if you think I'm kidding).

Value: $100

Super Bonus 4:  30 Minute  Confidence, Control & Clarity Strategy Session with Al Perhacs

Private Mentoring and Coaching Session

This extremely limited time bonus, gets you 30 minutes with Al.

This is Valued at $150 as he usually charges $300/hour for mentoring and coaching calls. Go through the material and then speak to the author, creator and visionary behind the Mind Force Method and get a customized road map for your pathway to excellence.


Value: $250

Let’s be frank, you would be just plain stupid to miss this offer. It’s like getting $10 tickets to the Super Bowl.

Remember “The Mind Force Library is sold online at Amazon and some of the best online retailers at a cost of Over $150 without all the bonuses I'm giving you.Trust me, the manuals alone should get you excited to get this immediately, but let me just recap the bonus items at $1,000 in real world value for you to make this a no brainer...

Why am I giving you access to bonuses that cost more than the product itself?

I believe in "Over-Delivering" and that is exactly what I've done here... Once you see and experience the value of what this has to offer, you will want to join me in some of my other boot camps and other training systems.If you want, you give first...

That is a universal law that has always worked for me...Check the bonuses that you can't get anywhere else but here below...

Let's Recap Everything You Get...

The Complete Mind Force Library                  (13 Manuals/Blueprints) 

$27/ Manual

Total Value: $351

Manipulation Quick Start Guide


Total Value: $20

Limited Edition Manipulation Audio & Video Files 


Total Value: &20

Limited Edition Hypnotic Influence Audio & Video Files 


Total Value: $60

Limited Edition Closed Door Self Hypnosis Audio & Video Files 


Total Value: $60

Limited Edition 12 Devices Audio File 


Total Value: $20

Limited Edition Master Secrets of Qigong Report


Total Value: $27

Chi Power Blueprint Seminar Audio MP3


Total Value: $100

23 Most Asked Questions About The Chi Power Blueprint 


Total Value: $100

Printable High Quality Pressure Points Poster with Special Stretching Techniques


Total Value: $25

Printable High Quality Dim Mak Poster


Total Value: $25

Super Bonus #1- The 30 Day Activation System


Total Value: $200

Super Bonus #2- Classic Books Collection


Total Value: Priceless

Super Bonus #3- FREE Online Training Workshop


Total Value: $100

Super Bonus #4- FREE 30 Minute Mentoring Coaching Session with Al Perhacs


Total Value: $150

That's $947 in Added Bonuses

You'd Be Crazy Not to Get This Right Now...

I don't want to sound harsh, but if you're into this kinds of Esoteric Training and you've read this far, you'd be actually crazy to not jump on this at this price...

If you're an ACTION TAKER, this is exactly what you've been looking for at a price that is less than a steak dinner at Ruth Chris or Capital Grill and will provide a pathway to get the skills you've always dreamed of...

Decide today to finally get a system that will provide a blueprint for you to get an amazing set of skills that you can rely on for the rest of your life...

Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like With Your New Found Confidence, Power and Control...

Once you experience the value of what this training will offer to you, you'll begin to understand the impact it will have on your life...

Become one of the chosen few who commit to excellence and get the benefits of learning things that few will ever do or even for the most part believe.

You'll create more energy, vitality, confidence and more...

Those three alone are worth the entire set of manuals, not to mention increased focus, health and healing benefits, the ability to manifest your desires and so many other worthwhile skills that so few will ever attain...

Yet, you can by acting now...

Get Started Risk Free Today! Over $1000 in Real World Value. Get Access Today...

The Complete Mind Force Library & 30 Day Inner circle Activation System


Untitled Document I Want To Take Advantage Of Your Extremely Generous Offer For The Mind Force & Library & Inner Circle Now Before The Price Goes Up…

I fully understand I get everything promised and exactly what I need to start creating incredible energy and mind force power, and I’m ready to reserve my seat TODAY for the system immediately. I also understand and agree to all other Terms and Conditions detailed on this page including the 30 day Refund POLICY.

Order right now and save money. Each manual sells for $27 individually. AND you'll get immediate access to entire "Inner Circle Learning System" 14 day Trial.

  • All 15 Manuals
  • check
    Professional Software ($300)
  • check
    14 Day Inner Circle Activation System
  • check
    Confidence, Control & Clarity Call ($250)
  • check
    Upgrades for Life

Order right now and get immediate download access to the amazing material...

Over $1,000 in Value.... Get Immediate Access For a Limited Time for Only One Payment of $97                                         

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

I guarantee you'll see results providing you follow the prescribed methods contained in this system. I know this system works as it has for thousands of people from all over the world. If you go through all of the exercises and find they don't work for you, I'll continue to work with you until you get them to work... Most of my clients see results quickly, which means they will start to begin the manifestation process. I will show you exactly what you need to do to get magnificent results!

Contact our friendly support staff within 30 days and we'll offer you a full refund once you provide feedback on the course as well as the steps you took to get the program to work. It's as easy as that...

Guarantee: The Mind Force Library with Distilled Learning is Your Pathway to Enlightenment...

"These Manuals Filled in The Gaps"

"I've been doing psychic readings, meditations, healing for the last 10 years, and the Mind Force Library opened my eyes to several different ways I could enhance my skills dramatically-- Thanks Sifu Perhacs."



"Wonderful Training Manuals"

"I bought them and they sat on my digital shelf for a year until I decide to actually learn the techniques in them. I used the Distilled Learning System to build up my proficiency even though English is my second language."



"I Just Love It"

"I was on your list for years before I ever bought and found you to be very real. I bought the Mind Force Library and it opened up my mind even more to the possibilities of what I can accomplish."



Again-- This Might Not Be For You...

Life is a series of choices. I realize that not everyone will completely understand the power of my system. You may not be able to afford it or their might be some reason you truly think that you can’t follow the simple step-by-step instructions inside. That’s OK

Like my father used to say “Spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets filled up faster” . If you only wish this would work, this is not for you, but if you have a burning desire to make a change in your life, then this could very well be exactly what you have been searching for.

Will you create your own future, be in charge of your destiny and rise to the top or will you be like everyone else in the middle? It’s 100% up to you.

If you’re a little afraid, don’t worry…that’s a good thing.

Think back on everything you’ve done that was truly worthwhile in your life. I’m talking about things like: asking that special someone on a date … learning to swim ..showing up for the first day of school … getting married … buying your first home … having a child.

What do all these things have in common?

Answer: FEAR.

Now think about your normal daily activities…things like: reading … watching TV … even attending a seminar … I think you’ll agree that none of them are all that scary. In fact, they’re probably downright comfortable!

But I want you to ask yourself, “Where have these activities got me so far?”

My guess is you won’t like the answer.

That’s why my advice is that you follow your fear…


Why is The Mind Force Library better than any other books on this subject?

What happens once I order? How quickly do I get access?

How long do I have access to the course?

What if I have a problem with the order?

How quickly will it take to learn all of this?

What do you mean by "Flight Time"?

Just Remember: Life is short, and you've been struggling with getting high level skills far too long...

Unless you take action today you run a grave risk of deeper levels of frustration, real anger over not living the life you deserve...

YET:  All of this can be avoided, beginning today, simply by applying the step-by-step esoteric principles found in The Mind Force Library…

Imagine, right now, how it will feel the moment you KNOW you've finally found your answer to getting high performance esoteric skills…

Yet, today is your day to CLAIM your power and take responsibility:

And take the action you KNOW is necessary today to put you on the track to REAL results, using a system that SIMPLY WORKS...

Try The Mind Force Library for 30 full days, on me... and see the results you desire, or you pay nothing!

Regards & May You Find Your Desires,

A. Thomas Perhacs

P.S.: Here is the cold hard truth. I eat steak tonight no matter what choice you make. Let me explain. In the grand scheme of things my financial position will not be effected much by your decision to acquire my system.

However, your choice will have a HUGE impact on your future. This is really all about you and your dreams. Bottom line, it’s guaranteed and you can’t possible lose. Claim your copy today

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