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A. Thomas Perhacs The Mind Force Manifesto- The 6 Powerful Laws of the Mind


“ Once you understand and then implement these 6 Powerful Laws, your life can be transformed. ”

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    The Mind Force Framework: learn the 6 base esoteric components and how they integrate in your life.  
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    Understanding the Divided Mind: how the subconscious and conscious minds can be developed for targeted success and abundance manifestation.

In this book you will discover:


The Ultimate Framework

Understanding how integrating different aspects of esoteric training such as Chi Energy, Psychic Power, Hypnotic Influence, Esoteric Meditation, Abundance Manifestation & Healing is essential to developing these type of skill sets.


Practical, Step-by-Step Methods

This book is a manual designed to allow you to jump right in and immediately apply what you are reading. This book is designed to be an active toll vs just passive reading.

Understanding How to Use Your Mind Force

The goal of this book is to allow you to see rapid results. Part of this is learning how your mind works and simple instructions you can use to insure you get the results you desire.


Unlock Esoteric Secrets

The secrets in this book are many. Secrets that are simple to apply, but ones that will be a major impact on your life when applied.

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