The Ascension Pathway: Quantum Qigong Curriculum

How You Can Use Quantum Qigong to Take Anything You're Doing to Radically Higher Levels...

Discover How The Ascension Pathway Can Transform Your Life.

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Qigong Curriculum.

The Mind Force Quantum Qigong Curriculum is the finest Qi energy training you will find anywhere on the planet. Get access today and become a "Controller".

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Massive Personal Transformation using The Mind Force Method Signature Solution

Four (4) Distinct 12 Week Phases Designed to Enrich Your Life with Specific Esoteric Skills

Certification is available after each 12 Week Session via our Video Training Lab Hosted by a Certified Instructor

The Ascension Patheay is Your Doorway to Amazing Esoteric Knowledge and Application.

The Mind Force Ascension Pathway will enable you to be one of "The Chosen Few" and set a trajectory to become a fully certified Mind Force Specialist after going through the complete system.

Sifu Al Perhacs

Author, Creator, Visionary behind The Mind Force Method

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