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Secrets Revealed: The 6 Powerful Laws of The Mind

telekinesis | telekinetic powers

Telekinesis: The Power of Mind over Matter

Do you believe in psychic ability? The ability of the mind to do far more than what we can actually imagine. There are various claimed psychic powers including the ability to predict events before they happen (precognition), the creation of fire using the mind (pyrokinesis), and the transmission of thoughts from one person to another […]

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qigong | qigong benefits

Expanding your Qi Gong Skills the Better Ways

Image Credit: Pixabay More and more people are getting interested in learning amazing techniques using qigong benefits. Not only in the field of health, but it also brings a lot more benefits to people who keep themselves on the right track of learning and utilizing qi gong techniques. These basic qigong exercises can improve chi […]

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qigong therapy

Health Benefits you can Get from Learning QiGong

Qigong therapy is an ancient Chinese healing exercise that involves meditation and is integrated by physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qigong (pronounced as chee-gong) is made up of two words in which qi refers to life force and gong that means accomplishment. Together, it is a system of practiced for health […]

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