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Mind Force Q&A

I sent an email out asking the following questions below. I will answer many of those questions in this video. I’m in the process of creating a brand new coaching program to help you with your high performance Mind Force and Quantum Qigong goals.Here’s where I need your help…I want to make absolutely sure it is […]

The 6 Pillars of The Mind Force Method

In this quick shoot Q&A video, I explain the 6 core pillars of the Mind Force Method.My goal was to teach core principles that you can immediately use no matter what method of esoteric training you do. Concepts never change, but certain approaches work better than others.You’ll Discover Things Like…Quantum QigongBuild Up Massive Amounts of […]

Your Bold Transformation–Why The Master System?

For a Limited Time, You Can Learn These Powerful Methods and Save on THE MIND FORCE & QUANTUM QIGONG MASTER SYSTEM… A BOLD TRANSFORMATION is really alchemy at it’s finest… Transforming from one thing to another. Can you really do that? It’s kind of like I teach the three levels of Transformation: <—- The 3 Levels of Powerful Transformation—> Solid– […]

Will You Act on My Advice?

For a Limited Time, You Can Learn These Powerful Methods and Save on THE MIND FORCE & QUANTUM QIGONG MASTER SYSTEM… As you read every word on this page an understanding will take place of the hidden power that you already possess and that you just need the right thing to act on that will […]

Give & Expect to Receive

As I was packing up to leave my hotel room in Pittsburgh, PA, I took out some money to give to the maid and had to reflect on the fact that every time I give a dollar, I expect at least three back… It’s a mind set I learned many years ago and I thought […]

How to Manifest in 3 Days

What Will You Manifest in 3 Days? Very simply, what will you manifest in the next 3 days? It’s a very open ended question that I want you to not only ponder, but to focus on… Focus on the outcome of what you want to manifest and then put into practice what I’ve been teaching […]

Clairvoyance Power Up! Psychic Ability Activated

Have you ever experienced a situation where you wanted to read someone else’s mind? If the answer is yes then you should to learn how to acquire clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception. It is also called the sixth sense. Believing in yourself is one of the […]

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